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Invited Editor

The whole world calls him King Giorgio, and this is true, because he, like King Midas, whatever he touches, he turns everything into gold. Incredible success for the guy who studied medicine, but absorbed his mother’s sense of elegance. Talently, strictly, consistently and selflessly working, he keeps everything under control, achieving the most high peaks.
Fashion, accessories, furniture,design, hotel shops, restaurants, even a personal museum. Nobody has become so Great as he is. “When I started working, things were completely different. Communication was traditional, and the connection between fashion and innovation was still at an early stage. Today things have changed; social media is extremely widespread and you need to keep up with times, presenting your own ideas and personal vision on the most popular platforms. At the same time major brands and large companies are increasingly showing interest and attention to innovation, focusing on an ethical and fair approach, while respecting the environment and the world in which we live.
Significant digital boost is an element which must be considered, and this requires serious thought. I prefer the use of discreet technology, and, thinking of the future, I believe that it would be wonderful to imagine an effective and positive way to use it, aimed at innovation and excellence, in accordance with the fundamental values of modern society".

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