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I choose exactly the product and I see nothing wrong with mixing cosmetics from the different segments.

-What do you like in modelling most?
-Getting ready! Doing my makeup and hair is one of
the most attractive parts of my profession. When I’m
sitting on the chair and drinking my coffee before
the shooting I understand how happy I'm.
All girls like makeup and hairdo!
-How do you see yourself in the future? What plans do you have?
-I want to learn more about fashion, maybe go to
arts college and obviously to continue modelling.
I want to learn interior design or fine arts. They are
the things that I recently have liked. I also had art
classes before.
-What are things outside of your work that you
would like people to know about you?
-I am taking art classes and I love sketching. I also
like organising and doing moodboards and when
I do this I always go to Pinterest and scroll it
as much as Instagram. I like interior design and
changing things in the house.
-It is a very interesting side of you! The theme of
our issue is World. In the profession of a model,
you often have to travel. What tips and life hacks
on self-care on a trip can you give?
-Yes, I travel a lot! Wherever I’m travelling I always
take a mask under the eyes and it gives me the
relaxing feeling during the flight.. I drink a lot of
water. It is saving my skin. So my top things that I bring on my trip are the little bottle of water and
-What beauty products do you always take with
you on trips?
-I always take lashes curler with me. I think I look
tired without my eyelashes super curled, so I do
this every hour. I also bring lip gloss and chapstick,
little roller perfume.
-What is your favourite beauty product?
-I love CC cream. It is a lotion mixed with the
foundation and I have the product with added
highlighter into it. It makes my skin super glowing.
Also I like sunscreen and eyelash curler.
-Do you like luxury beauty products or mass
market brands?
-There are different products in my makeup bag.
I don’t have one specific brand that I love, I choose
exactly the product and I see nothing wrong with
mixing cosmetics from the different segments.
-What emotions do you have about working with
the Numéro Russia team?
-I loved this work and it was very fun! The atmosphere
was not like you are working. The location of the
shooting was gorgeous. I also loved the hair,
makeup and outfit: all have been amazing! Thank
you for this fairytale!

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