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Personalization is a big part of modeling due to the fact that we
as models play a large part in meeting the needs of designers
and clients.

-The theme of our new issue is Personalization.
Over the course of the last few years, we have
seen the evolution of the personalization of
fashion to different customers. What do you
think about this trend?
– I think brands are now understanding that customers
want to relate to the brands that they buy from. This
means diversifying their cast so people feel seen. It's
important for everyone to feel represented, fashion is a
big part of our culture today. For each campaign there
is a mood board or theme and then the clients work with
the costume director to find which model is best for the
campaign. On set, I try to get an understanding of the
brief with the client and photographer which allows us to
get a better understanding of the expectations of the day.
– Why does the fashion industry need
– Again, it comes back to the customers wanting to feel
seen, to feel as though the brand thought of them when
releasing that new campaign or editorial. With so much of
the industry moving to social media during the pandemic,
it was the perfect opportunity to open up our world. It's
important because our industry, and other industries
wouldn't exist without the customers. Everyone deserves
to see themselves in this space.
– Is personalization a part of modeling?
– I certainly do believe personalization is a big part of modeling due to the fact that we as models play a large part in meeting the needs of designers and clients. When
a brand books me as a model, I am now a part of their
personalized approach to the brand’s clients’ interests,
likes and needs. Having a diverse cast when booking
models is highly important and the public will talk about
it. Social media has bridged the gap and clients get to
see instant reviews.
– Tell me about how your career started. What
difficulties did you face at the beginning of your
– In the beginning of my journey, it was difficult finding
work as I was born and raised in Australia. I moved to
New York in 2018 to find work and it was a bit more
available for me then when I was back home. New York
is a fashion hub and I am extremely grateful for the
opportunities that I have had while living here. I have
networked with awesome individuals who have assisted
me along my journey.
– Since then you have worked with big
photographers like Tim Walker among many
others. Have you pulled anything from working
with these creatives?
– Working with photographers like Tim Walker and Nick
Knight, I always walk away with a new appreciation for
fashion photography. Whether it's the images, lighting,
or even posing, I always leave learning something. They
are incredible teachers with tremendous careers. I see
each working opportunity as a reason to keep building
my career.
– Has your attitude towards and opinion on
fashion and fashion industry changed over the
course of your work in modeling?
– My attitude towards the fashion industry has changed
in a positive light. There has been a shift and it has been
more inclusive. I am super appreciative that it is more
diverse. As a black model, I do find it to be amazing
working with models that look like me. It's exciting to be
working during a time where we’re embraced, celebrated
and work together.
– What moments during your career would you
say were the major milestones that took you to
the next level?
– A big moment in my career was shooting the Alice in
Wonderland story with Tim Walker where I starred as
‘Alice’ in the all-black cast. It was a rare opportunity but
an incredible experience! I got to work with some of the
most prominent creatives, Edward Enninful being one of
them. But what I mainly took away from this experience
was that we got to tell the world that fairy tales belong
to every girl.
– How did you meet Kanye West? Did this help
advance your career at all?
– I met Kanye leaving another casting that was being
held in the same building he was shooting in. One of his
employees saw me leaving and thought he would love
to meet me. I ended up going back inside which led to
shooting a campaign with Jackie Nickerson on the spot.
Kanye came and thanked me after we were done. The
following week, my debut show in New York was Yeezy
SS17. Pat McGrath was the key makeup artist at the show
which led me to working with her for Metamorphosis Pat
McGrath Labs. I can without a doubt say that job opened
up other opportunities.
– You have had a long enough career. Are
there any industry professionals or clients left
that you would like to work with in the future?
Perhaps plans or goals that you still would like
to achieve?
– I would like to work with Vogue, Harper's Bazaar,
Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, Valentino and
many more. I would like to assist my community more
by getting involved in more philanthropic work. It is a
goal of mine to build my own brand within the fashion
industry as well.
– Have you managed to fulfill any long-standing
dream of yours over the years of your career?
– Recently, I became a rookie for Sports Illustrated which
is a major accomplishment to me. I have always admired
the women that are in the magazines and covers. They
have always had strong and motivational women in their
magazines. Sports Illustrated is a company that I am
proud to have worked with and I am hoping to continue
with them.

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